Freelance Inbound Marketing

It’s open for debate, but according to the marketing guru’s over at Hubspot:

"inbound marketing has been the most cost effective method for doing business online since 2006"

and at Power Per Hour inbound marketing help is what we deliver.  The goal of inbound marketing is to attract the attention of potential customers through helpful and relevant content rather than battling for their attention and interruption.  If you are thinking Blog Content, User Guides, Social Media or Search Engines then you are on the right track.  The reasons why inbound is so powerful are:

  • Visitors are more trusting because they have come to you and content is helpful rather than pushy
  • Inbound marketing leads are more likely to convert than cold leads
  • Money can be saved, as interactions happen on your own ‘free’ channels as opposed to paid media
  • Inbound marketing can stimulate word of mouth and more customer referrals
  • Inbound can be used to target customers at different stages of the consideration process

Now if you are thinking the term ‘inbound marketing’ sounds a shade confusing, it’s probably because it is.  Inbound marketing is actually an umbrella term for lots of different channels, tools and activity.  In fact it’s more of a philosophy than a singular channel.

The reason why I’ve put freelance inbound marketing consultancy as an option is because a lot of smaller businesses and startups require inbound marketing help across a wide range of areas.  At Power Per Hour we want to offer a tailored body of work which addresses the areas of your business which need the most attention.  With inbound marketing 20% of the allotted time could be spent on Social Media Management, 40% on SEO, 10% on Email Newsletters, 15% on Paid Search and 15% on Content Development.  This helps you upscale all your marketing quicker and ensures the channels are working together seamlessly.  If you signed up at an agency for SEO services further down the line you would have to pay an extra fee to be able to get a PPC expert to begin delivering Paid Search activity for your brand.

If this is the first time you have come across the term inbound, then rest assured there are lots more focus areas we can target through freelance inbound marketing.  Some examples of the lesser known strategies are:

  • Using A/B testing to see which version of a page performs better
  • Completing surveys of existing customers to fuel customer reviews & content
  • Investing in video, infographics & rich forms of media
  • Re-targeting prospects who have visited the site but not converted
  • Scoring inbound leads & creating content for people who are not quite ready to make a purchase

If you would like to find out more about working with myself on a your inbound marketing strategy then fill out the contact form below.