Freelance PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC for short) involves getting setup in Google’s Adwords Programme which enables small businesses and large ones the opportunity to spend a set budget to appear in the paid advertising slots at the top of Google.  A main benefit of seeking professional PPC help is that even though it’s a paid form of media, you only pay per click received to your website rather than paying each time your ad is displayed.  This means there is less wastage than other forms of advertising and if someone liked your Ad enough to click on it they must have some form of interest in your business or services to have made that click.  Compare this to other forms of advertising such as magazine insertions; you may have some rough figures as to the readership of a particular magazine but you literally have no idea how many people who saw your Ad actually had a need for whatever product you are selling.

PPC is one of the most scientific digital marketing channels and it’s very easy to setup and measure exactly how much ROI each PPC campaign is bringing into the business.  Not only that, if you have a very specific target audience the targeting settings within Adwords make sure your PPC Ads only show up in front of relevant people.  For example, after crafting a winning PPC message you can make sure that Ad only appears in front of people who are a certain sex, a specific age range, have certain key interests or are based in a particular location.  People often say that small business PPC simply proves too expensive but with today’s technology you can set a budget you are content with and if there is a proven positive ROI for each campaign then those Ads are actually generating profit regardless of setup costs.

Simply put; if you need results straight away then PPC consultancy should be your ‘go to’ marketing channel whereas SEO or Inbound tactics are a more medium term play.  A PPC freelancer can help you achieve just as much as any agency would and some of the core benefits from choosing pay per click advertising are:

  • PPC helps targets people who are ‘in market’ searching for your product
  • A smaller PPC campaign which drives traffic can be setup in a day
  • The targeting options are better than most other channels
  • PPC data is incredibly useful & can inform other marketing channels
  • PPC is completely adaptable, you can change budgets and which products to promote with just a few clicks

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